1. Calendar: Lessons will begin on Monday, August 19, 2019 and continue through Friday, June 5, 2020. Summer lessons may be scheduled as desired and will be flexible to accommodate vacations. We do not cancel lessons on early release days or teacher work days. See the calendar for days that we are closed.

  2. Tuition: Fees are $135.00 per month for weekly 30 - minute lessons; $195.00 per month for 45 - minute lessons, and $260.00 per month for weekly 60 - minute lessons. We offer a 5% discount to those paying for the semester in full. Payments are payable in 9 equal monthly payments and are due by the first lesson of each month. An annual registration fee of $60 is required of each student. Registration forms are distributed in May and should be returned by the end of June in order to secure your spot in the Fall schedule. There will be no make-up lessons except in the case of extended illness or teacher cancellation. Event fees (ie Student Day) will be billed as necessary.

  3. Supplies: All music books, notebook, and supplies should be brought to each lesson. A book bag is recommended. Willow Music book bags are available for purchase if desired.

  4. Performances: Participation in musical activities of any nature is highly encouraged. It is suggested that the teacher be informed prior to any upcoming performance (ie, talent show, church, etc) so we can help the student present his best performance. Students are encouraged and expected to take advantage of studio activities including the Halloween Recital in October, Music-Thon in December and our Spring Recital in May. Competitive events will be available to students desiring to participate in them.

  5. Practicing: A well tuned piano, or a weighted keyboard, a flute in good working order or a guitar with appropriate strings, a bench or chair of appropriate height, and a quiet room are necessary for good practice. Consistent daily practice is essential to the music student’s growth; therefore, the teacher will require each student to designate a daily practice schedule. To help develop self-discipline and good work habits, a regular time for practice should be set aside daily.

  6. Notebook: The subject of how to practice is an integral part of every piano lesson. Each student will be given a notebook in which lesson assignments will be given. The lesson assignment notebook should be brought to each lesson and consulted during the student’s daily practice.

  7. Photos: Willow Music maintains a website (www.willowmusicstudio.com) as well as Facebook and Instagram pages. Occasionally we use photos of students on these sites. The students are not identified. If you do not want your child’s image to be use, please let us know.